CTO • Oct 2014 - Present

Strategy - technology, product, people. Manager - engineering. Technical - software engineer, architect, devops.

  • Grew the team up to 12 across 3 teams - 2 product, 1 integrations.
  • Supported the business with rounds of technical due-diligence through investment, R&D grants, security audits.
  • Been through several stages of growth and contraction through pandemic.
  • Supported the business through international growth and expansion into different regions.
  • Worked with the business supporting solutions for multiple enterprise sales.
  • Introduce and evolve Agile and team processes for the teams over the years.
  • Introduced CI/CD pipelines and automation.
  • Driven quality and productivity enhancements including PR code reviews, pair programming processes, mentorship
  • Added and run social bonding & Engagement - hackathons, lunches, park visits
  • Helped drive social, cultural, and communication practices across the company
  • Introduced communication and knowledge sharing tools and processes - company wiki, partner and API documentation systems, video productions, announcements, collaboration sessions
  • Supported the business in changing the product over the years with changing environment and internal demands
  • Built PoC projects to demonstrate product capabilities - reward intelligence, low code customisation engine
  • Coded much of the foundations of the core product through the early years.
  • Node.js (since 2013 v0.10) / React / React Native / Typescript / Javascript / ECMAScript / Vue, Angular.JS, HTML / Javascript / CSS / Android Java / Kotlin / .NET / C# / WPF
  • Postgres / Redis / RabbitMQ / MySql / MongoDB / Docker / AWS

Aston Club (LOKE)

Senior Software Engineer • Oct 2013 - Oct 2014

Senior software engineer for Aston Club developing Node.js back-end, C# (.NET) based Windows services, C# WPF desktop applications and Angular.js web applications.

Aston Club (LOKE)

.NET Developer (Contract) • Sep 2013 - Oct 2013

Software engineer developing C# based Windows Service to integrate with a Node.js based Web Sockets API. Also involved with the development of the Node.js API utilising RabbitMQ as an event bus to create a distributed network of connected Point-of-Sale systems.

ManageMy GPS Pty Ltd

Lead Developer (Contract) • Apr 2012 - Sep 2013

Ported and extended C# ASP.NET WebForms application to ASP.NET MVC. Developed C# WinForms based desktop application to interface with serial connected GPS loggers.

  • Web: ASP.NET MVC / Web API / WinForms, JSON REST API + SOAP web services.
  • Data: Entity Framework
  • Desktop: WinForms
  • Browser: Javascript, jQuery, Knockout.js
  • Server: Windows Azure, SQL Server 2012 + SQL Azure, Azure Storage

Arc @ UNSW Limited

IT Manager • Jan 2007 - Apr 2011

Managed the IT and Development arms of the organisation. Predominantly Microsoft based network spanning multiple sites and outlets. .NET web applications and sites providing services both internally, and to the student population at the university.

UNSW Union

Network and Systems Administrator • Aug 2006 - Sep 2007

Managed the multi-site network & systems for the UNSW Union

5D Solutions

Service & Project Manager / Various • Jan 1999 - Aug 2006

A full-stack technology company, supplying bespoke software, hardware and services to the education and SMB sector. Roles and responsibilities ranged from development of management tools and web interfaces to managing multi-site equipment and system installations, to providing on-site IT services.


University of Technology, Sydney

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Systems • Jan 1997 - 2003

Graduated with first class honours



Node.js (since 2013 v0.10), Typescript (since v1), Javascript (ES5-ES2022), Golang (since 2018), previously C#/ASP.NET.


React, previously Vue, Angular, Durandal.js (now Aurelia.io), Knockout.js.

Native Apps

React Native (since 2018), previously Java-Android.


Ansible (since 2014), Cloudformation (since 2017)


Buildkite, Github Actions, previously Travis, CircleCI, Bitrise, Strider, Jenkins.

Databases and Cache

Postgres, Redis, Mysql, MongoDB, previously Microsft SQL 2000 to 2012.


AWS (since 2013), previously Azure.


Familiar with a wide variety of markup languages including HTML, XML, JSON, Markdown